National Association of Government Communicators handed out its Blue Pencil/Gold Screen awards last night for the best government publications, press releases, speeches and audio-visual productions of 1982.

Winner of the best-press-release is John Michael Metelsky of the Agency for International Development; while the Food and Drug Administration's Judith Willis and Bruce M. Brown took top honors as the government's top speech writers. Best agency house organ awards went to State Department's "State Magazine," to "Postal Leader" (Richard Smolko and Pamela York) and Smithsonian Institution's "The Torch."

Army's Donald Carr won top honors in the technical book section, and Janet Solinger was honored in the newsletter category for "The Smithsonian Associate." The technical publications winner was Carol A. Peabody, Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Lt. Col. John Terino's American Forces Information Service won for general magazines, and Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Labor Review (Henry Lowenstern and Robert W. Fisher) won for best technical magazine.

June Faris of the Administration on Aging also won in the technical magazine area and Bevan French and Howard Golden of NASA took the popular book award.

Winners in the videotape and film category were David I. Carter, Agriculture; Petty Officer Ray Pointer, Navy; Susan Bartlett, National Science Foundation; Henry Moore, Air Force; Louise Patterson and Jesse Nichols of FDA.