Father thinks he'll just be taken out to dinner, but the truth is that Grisby Boissiere, father of two from Suitland, won't be fed on Father's Day until after he goes swimming with his 16-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son in the water slides and wave pools of the Wild World amusement park in Largo.

Dinner's not good enough, says his daughter, Sherri. Some fathers are cold and distant, but her father is quite the opposite.

"He's there when I need him and I have to talk," she says. "I know I can talk to him."

Most of their talking seems to take place in his car.

"With me being in student government, and since I'm not a driver yet, he takes me to the meetings," Sherri Boissiere says.

"And most important," she adds, "he's helping me to learn to drive."

The driving lessons have been "some of the best times we ever knew," says the Forestville High 11th-grader.

"He was the first one that ever gave me experience on the road. If I made a mistake, he wouldn't yell at me--he'd show me how to do it right."

Until a recent job promotion, Grisby Boissiere used to make frequent business trips to New York and Philadelphia. "Sometime's he'd let me ride with him, and we'd to a lot of talking then," Sherri says.

Now they talk in other places. Boissiere, who repairs computer terminals for a Montgomery County computer company, says that he is eager to teach Sherri and his son Gino how to use computers, and he has one in their house.

"Everything's computers nowadays," Boissiere says. "I want to teach them how to work it when they get out in the world.

And how does the business of being a father suit him?

"Well, you grow up, you meet someone you like, get married and have children," he says. "We get along quite well, we don't have any problems, and I like it."