To the tales of dogs who fetch pipes and slippers, and who find their way home from 50 miles away, we must now add this stirring saga, which stars Gemini, the golden retriever who belongs to Pat Munroe and family out in Potomac. As Pat tells it:

"Bryant Welch, who works for the Maryland Roofing Co. in Olney, was working on our roof and then left for another job. Soon he phoned to ask if I'd look around the grounds for his wallet near where he had been. I found nothing and he said he'd come back and look around.

"He also found nothing out in the open. He then began to search in the thick black shrubbery alongside the part of the house where he'd been using a ladder. Nothing.

"At this point, our dog Gemini became interested in our joint search. Without hesitation, she walked to a point in the shrubbery and stared intensely at it.

"She was 'pointing' his wallet.

"Gemini had been watching Bryant at work and my guess is that she saw his wallet fall from his pocket into the shrubbery. We had thought this might have happened but, normally, she'd have 'retrieved' it and taken it to the back porch or her dog house."

And in case you're thinking that Gemini must have had experience retrieving a wallet on a previous occasion, Pat says she hasn't. Amazing!