A Montgomery County junior high school student has filed a $7.35 million civil suit against a White Oak Junior High School teacher and the county school system, charging that the teacher struck and pushed him against a wall last October and that he required medical treatment.

The suit, filed in Mongtomery County Circuit Court, marks the second time in a month that a White Oak student has filed a civil suit alleging that a gym teacher at the junior high school in Silver Spring physically hurt him.

The two cases, and a third incident, have been a source of aggravation between the school system and the black community since Superintendent Edward Andrews chastised a county NAACP official for her criticism that the school system was too lenient with three White Oak gym teachers who she said had physically attacked three black students.

In the second case, filed Friday, gym teacher George Kaye is accused of striking ninth grader Paul Bishop on the arm, pushing him against the wall and threatening him "with further bodily harm with a pair of locker cutters."

As a result, the suit alleges, Bishop required medical attention and suffered from "severe emotional distress and embarrassment and was rendered highly nervous and frightened and upset and was afraid to go to school for fear" that Kaye would injure him further.

Kaye, who along with the two other accused gym teachers is still working at White Oak, said yesterday he would not comment on the suit. He called it "frivolous."

Criminal charges that student Bishop brought against Kaye were dropped earlier this year after Kaye agreed to perform court-supervised community service.

Bishop and county NAACP official Eula Odom have said Kaye struck Bishop after Kaye was asked to pay a $5 bet he had made with Bishop.