Friendship Heights, which has tackled such issues as a bullet ban and a nuclear freeze, last week decided to ban Teflon "cop killer" bullets, so named because they can penetrate bulletproof vests.

The regulation, which must be approved by the Montgomery County Council before it can be enforced, forbids "the sale, manufacture or possession of 'cop killer' bullets."

The village tried to ban all bullets last year but never received approval for the measure from the County Council. The county recently passed a measure forbiding the sale of bullets unless the buyer could present proof that the gun was registered. The village also adopted this county regulation last week.

In addition, the Friendship Heights Council is considering extending honorary citizenship to Polish trade union leader Lech Walesa.

At a meeting last week, council chairman Alfred Muller suggested honoring Walesa and adopting Gdansk, Poland, as the village's sister city in July 4 ceremonies this year. The council decided not to vote on the matter until after a public hearing next Tuesday.

In other action, the council decided to award the Elizabeth Scull Award for Outstanding Community Service to Jesse L. Maury at the July 4 celebration this year. Maury is a former council member of both Friendship Heights and neighboring Somerset.