Takoma Park residents will have a property tax rate 5 cents lower than last year and city employes will receive a 4 percent cost-of-living pay increase in the 1984 city budget adopted last week by the council.

The $4 million budget allows the tax rate to drop to $1.50 per $100 assessed valuation. The increase in assessments over the last year will increase the amount of money brought into the city through taxes, City Clerk Sibyl Pusti said. Most expenditures have gone up about 5 percent, she said.

The council also approved $30,000 to begin citywide office automation, including word processors and perhaps a computer, Pusti said.

The council rejected a proposed animal warden program, which would have provided a full-time warden to patrol city streets.

The council appropriated $47,340 more than was proposed for the police department to hire two police officers and a dispatcher.

The department is trying to set up walking police beats throughout the city. It already has done this on an experimental basis with good response from both residents and officers, Pusti said.

The council also approved a $90,000 capital improvement fund for street and sidewalk repairs. Specific uses for the money will be determined next month, Pusti said.