Following is a list of the Washington-area buildings housing federal workers where asbestos has been found in areas generally frequented by employes or the public: DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA NORTHWEST: White House: acoustic ceilings in the press room;

Old Executive Office Building: sprayed-on insulation in the White House pass office (Room 23) and in Room 405;

Court of Claims: structural steel fireproofing throughout the building;

Blair House: pipe insulation;

Justice Department: pipe insulation;

General Accounting Office: acoustic ceiling treatment and acoustic plaster;

International Trade Commission: pipe covering in basement and third-floor and trim in Law Library;

500 12th St.: duct insulation in stairwell;

National Archives: water pipes in attic and auditorium on the fifth floor and gasket on film-vault door in Room 502;

Federal Trade Commission: insulation in Room 108 and acoustic ceiling plaster in the chairman's conference room;

Pennsylvania Building: ceiling material in the hallway outside Room 1138;

Safeway Building: acoustic ceiling material in office areas;

Star Building: sprayed-on fireproofing in various locations;

1331 G St.: sprayed-on insulation on the first floor above false ceiling;

1201 E St.: acoustic ceiling material in office areas;

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: ceiling material in the elevator lobby, guard office and building corridors;

State Department: acoustic ceiling in secretary of state's seventh-floor suite;

1724 F St.: pipe insulation in corridor by women's locker room;

2400 M St.: pipe insulation in first-floor restroom;

1430 K St.: first-floor acoustic ceilings;

806 Connecticut Ave.: acoustic ceiling;

1717 K St.: acoustic ceilings;

Paramount Building: second-, fourth-, eighth- and ninth-floor acoustic ceilings;

Westwood Towers: acoustic ceiling throughout building;

Universal North: acoustic ceiling material;

Universal South: acoustic ceiling material;

Lafayette Square Building: pipe insulation. SOUTHWEST:

Liberty Loan Building: radiator pipes;

Forrestal Building: pipe coverings in Room 651 and air handler equipment in the east mechanical room;

GSA Regional Headquarters Building, Seventh and D streets: pipe insulation in two corridors and the sixth-floor vault area, and air handler insulation in Room 4510;

Federal Office Building No. 6: acoustic ceiling material in Room 1138;

Environmental Protection Agency headquarters, Waterside Mall: ceiling material in second-floor elevator lobby in corridor by Room 2605. SOUTHEAST:

Navy Yard Building 137: pipe insulation in a first-floor ladies' room. MARYLAND

Naval Intelligence Command Buiding I, Suitland: air handler system in penthouse;

Naval Intelligence Command Building II, Suitland: sprayed-on fireproofing in Rooms A-003, A-004, A-007 and A-104;

Federal Office Building 4, Suitland: acoustical ceiling material in Rooms 2211, 2213, 2215, 2217, 2219 and a corridor adjacent to Room 2324;

Iverson Mall GSA field office: sprayed-on fireproofing in office areas;

ERDA Building, Germantown: television studio acoustic treatment. VIRGINIA

Pentagon: pipe coverings;

CIA Headquarters, McLean: computer room pipe coverings; ceiling tile in Room GC-47; ceiling and above in Room GC-03; pipe coverings in Room T-15 and pipe coverings in the north and south penthouse;

Post Office and Courthouse, Alexandria: attic insulation;

Old Ford Plant, Alexandria: pipe insulation in Room 11 of Building 12;

Federal Office Building 2, Arlington: sprayed-on ceiling material in the lobby of Wing 4;

841 N. Pickett St., Alexandria: sprayed-on fireproofing in the National Archives' vault area;

Ames Center, 1820 N. Fort Myer Dr., Arlington: sprayed-on fireproofing in the cafeteria and garage;

Nassif Building, Arlington: ceiling asbestos in undesignated office areas and a storeroom, sprayed-on fireproofing in a storage area and a computer support area, ceiling asbestos in a storeroom;

Ballston Tower No. 2, 801 N. Randolph St., Arlington: fireproofing in a leased garage;

Ballston Tower No. 3, 4015 Wilson Blvd., Arlington: ceiling in G-1 lobby;

Rosslyn Plaza D, 1611 N. Kent St., Arlington: first-floor west stair.