Anthony Maurice Majette, 22, charged with attempted sexual assault last year on a fellow male inmate at the Prince George's County Detention Center, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of assault yesterday and was given a one-year sentence.

Circuit Court Judge Audrey Melbourne said Majette's sentence will run concurrent with a 12-year sentence Majette already is serving for armed robbery. While yesterday's sentence does not require Majette to serve any more time, it could affect his parole eligibility.

Majette was charged along with Ronald P. Garnett and Kirk Williams in the attempted sexual assault last November of James A. Anderson Jr., a Pennsylvania janitor who is serving a 30-year sentence for murder.

Those charged are among 12 current or former inmates who have been indicted by a special grand jury first impaneled last fall after a Washington Post series on rapes and sexual assaults in the county jail.

At Garnett's trial last April, Anderson testified he was punched by Garnett and Williams when he did not comply with their sexual demands and he was sexually assaulted with pencils.

Anderson also testified that Majette entered the cell and participated in the assault.

A jury convicted Garnett of assault and battery and he was sentenced last month to 10 years. Garnett faces a retrial on the attempted sexual assault charge because the jury could not agree on his conviction. Williams has not been tried.