The parents of a Prince George's County man who was the boyfriend of Kimberly Mileo, a missing 20-year-old Kettering woman, say county police questioned two of their sons for hours about the woman's disappearance and ignored their sons' repeated requests to go home and to contact their parents and a lawyer.

Donald Hudson, father of Mileo's boyfriend, Dana, 24, complained that police continued to question Dana, and his younger brother Todd, 19, on separate occasions long after the two said they wanted to go home.

Police say the two Hudson brothers were free to leave and that neither of them requested a lawyer.

Dana Hudson was one of the last people to see Mileo early on the morning of June 9 after she left his house in Croom, according to police.

A friend of Hudson's found her car two days later on Croom Road 10 miles south of Hudson's house.

The Hudson's complaints center on the June 12 questioning of Dana Hudson which lasted for six hours and the June 30 questioning of Todd Hudson which lasted for 12 hours.

The parents say Todd had been at a friend's house when the police asked if they could question him.

Todd agreed to take a drive with the police, but the police instead went directly to the station in Forestville, according to his parents.

The parents say they arrived at the station at about 11 p.m. June 30 and asked to speak with their son, Todd, but were not allowed to see him until the interview was completed at about four in the morning.

Police say that Todd did not ask to speak with his parents or to contact a lawyer and that there was no reason to allow them to interrupt the questioning.

"We never thought there was a problem with the interview," said Corp. Ron Smith, a police spokesman.

"Todd is an adult and can make his own decisions. He was there voluntarily and he affirmatively expressed to us that he wanted to stay."

Neither of the two Hudson brothers are suspects in the case, according to Smith.

But Donald Hudson complained that his sons were being treated as suspects. "I feel my boys have always been the prime suspects in this case," said Hudson, "but they the police never questioned me even though I was also home the night that Kim left the house."

The parents have made their complaints about the police in interviews with the media.

However, they have not registered any formal complaint with the police or taken any court action. The two brothers were unavailable for comment except through their parents.