Officials of a 4-H camp in Frederick County have decided not to lease a portion of the 78-acre camp to promoters of a war game that would feature adults dressed in camouflage gear shooting dye-filled pellets at each other.

The game, called "National Survival Games," is an adult version of "Capture the Flag," according to Kyle Swisher, the game's promoter. The object of the game is to capture the opposition's flag and avoid being hit by one of the pellets. The game is harmless and players must be 18 or older, Swisher said.

However, some of the residents in nearby Mountville became concerned that the game might disrupt the quiet countryside or that children might get curious and stray onto the playing field.

William Kepler, president of the camp's 4-H board, said yesterday the group has halted negotiations and canceled a July 29 hearing before the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals on the matter after area residents complained.

Charles Smith, a 4-H member and a county commissioner, said his wife did not draft a lease as previously reported in The Washington Post. Smith's wife was on a 4-H committee considering the possibilities of leasing the camp center to Swisher.