The Laytonsville Town Council is taking the first step in annexing about 280 acres on the town's eastern edge, expanding beyond its one-square-mile area.

The council will seek the agreement from about 18 families that live in the area to be annexed. Mayor Charles White said Laytonsville needs agreement from the owners of property totaling at least 25 percent of the assessed value of the land to be annexed in order to go through with the addition.

The town is concerned about a county landfill one mile away from the town limits and wants to control zoning in the area to prevent heavy industrial use of the land surrounding the town. White said Laytonsville's 300 residents now enjoy an environment that is almost totally residential, and the annexation "will protect that residential living environment and guarantee the current living character of the town."

The residents of the area to be annexed would pay property taxes to the town at a rate of 31 cents per $100 assessed valuation.

White said this will not increase the town's revenue much because Laytonsville will accept responsibility for maintaining streets and sidewalks in the added area and provide trash collection for the new residents. White said the Institute of Governmental Services at the University of Maryland studied revenue and expenditures for the town and determined that Laytonsville will not have to raise its tax rate to serve the new area.