A Fairfax County circuit court judge yesterday sentenced two Reston men who had been implicated by police in several rapes in the county last winter, ordering one man to 43 years in prison and the other to a life term plus 30 years.

Raphael J. Boyd, 22, was sentenced to life in prison for the Jan. 10 rape of a 31-year-old Vietnamese woman outside a Falls Church apartment building. Following a jury's earlier recommendation, Judge William G. Plummer imposed an additional 30-year term on Boyd for kidnaping and robbery convictions in the same incident.

Separately, Plummer followed another jury's recommendation and imposed a 43-year prison term on Roland Van Thompson, 26, who was convicted of raping a 37-year-old Vienna woman in her townhouse Jan. 6. The sentence includes a 35-year term for rape and eight years for burglary with intent to commit larceny.

"I still say I'm not guilty of the charges," Thompson told Plummer yesterday. "I was tried and convicted before I came here -- by the press and the news media."

Thompson's indictment last March prompted Fairfax County police to announce they had ended their investigation into several rapes in Reston and other parts of western Fairfax County.

Plummer rejected Thompson's request for a new trial after his court-appointed attorney had argued that improper evidence was introduced during the trial.

Thompson's wife and mother also pleaded with Plummer to reconsider the case. His mother burst into sobs when Plummer ordered the prison term.

In a letter read during yesterday's hearing, Thompson's rape victim said "the recovery to a normal lifestyle will take years to affect."

The judge said the facts in the Boyd case were so overwhelming that favorable statements about his family background and his relatives' promises to help rehabilitate him were "swallowed up in the visciousness" of his crime.

Boyd has pleaded guilty in another case to raping and beating a 52-year-old woman in her Reston townhouse last Dec. 1. He also has been indicted on a third rape charge that is set for a hearing Aug. 8.