Harold E. Dailey last week was appointed fire chief in Fairfax City, after volunteer firefighters agreed to relinquish control of the city fire and rescue services in an effort to keep the volunteer and paid fire services integrated, according to city spokesman Thomas Welle.

Dailey, 53, will be paid $44,696 and have control over the entire city fire department. Dailey has held the No. 2 slot in the fire department since 1980, working under volunteer fire chief Charles Seay.

Seay resigned two weeks ago, just before the City Council was scheduled to vote on an ordinance that would have given council members veto power over the volunteer firefighters choice of a fire chief.

Welle said the ordinance was recommended last March by a council-appointed task force that analyzed fire services in the city. The task force also recommended that the city separate the paid and volunteer fire services.

Volunteer firefighters and Mayor John Russell last week worked out details of a memorandum of understanding, with the volunteers agreeing to give up control over the No. 1 slot to avert a move to separate the services. As part of the compromise, the city agreed to help with recruiting and training volunteers.

The memorandum was approved unanimously by the City Council July 12 but will not become law until approved as an ordinance later this summer.