The Friendship Heights Village Council voted last week to ask the county to ease recent parking restrictions it placed on Willard Avenue.

Montgomery County used to allow limited parking on Willard, but in an effort to make it easier to enter parking garages of some apartment buildings it passed a measure that bans parking along the road except at night.

Several Friendship Heights residents complained to the Village Council, asking it to intercede on their behalf, Village Manager Alice Bushnell said.

The council agreed to ask the county to reconsider the changes because Willard Avenue tends to encourage speeding with its long, downhill slope, Bushnell said. By removing the parked cars from the side of the road, the speedway effect is heightened because motorists do not have to worry about people getting in or out of parked cars. This makes it especially hazardous for elderly residents of the village to cross Willard Avenue, she said.

The council also voted last week to oppose development of a small parcel next to the Willoughby Apartments on Friendship Avenue.

Residents of the apartment house and neighboring areas oppose building on the small lot because it provides some green space near the building, bushnell said.