The D.C. City Council cleaned up a few odds and ends last week before taking the rest of the summer off. Officially, it returns on Sept. 1, but Council Chairman David A. Clarke made it clear he does not plan to schedule any important business until after the Labor Day weekend, ending Sept. 5.

Besides voting to oppose the recommended scatter-plan test for National Airport (Mayor Marion Barry the next day ignored the council vote and senttives to vote for the plan) the council gave the Washington Convention Center $200,000. The money was requesteol, window washing and carpet cleaning. The Convention Center already had spent funds allotted it for those pued bid to host the 1984 Democratic National Convention.

Also tucked into the consent calendar, which passede measures to:

* Establish goals for moving District children from foster care to permanent homes, which thalify for federal foster care funds. The council approved a goal of reducing the number of children in foster care by 405 in fiscal 1984. But it did not act on a Department of Human Services plan to move another 495 children out of foste85, a goal the human services committee had considered too ambitious.

* Make soft bulletproof body armor stD.C. police officers.

* Add four rescue squads to the D.C. Fire Department and relocate Engine Co. No. 3. d to be sold in any size of 8 ounces or larger, rather than in half-pound increments.

* Confirm 11 members of the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board. Council member Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4) introduced legislation to bar street vendors from storing their vn public space overnight. The vendors would have to take their equipment off public property between 10 p.m. a bill.

When the council returns in September, among the major items it will have on its agenda is a bill, oouncil member John Ray (D-At Large), to prohibit any D.C. funds from being invested in companies or institutions doing business with South Africa.

It also may give early consideration to a proposal by council member Nadine Wintrd 6) to reconstitute the D.C. Lottery Board with members appointed by the mayor.