A Reston man who was sentenced last week to life in prison on a rape conviction, was sentenced yesterday to another life term for a second rape, plus an additional 71 years for other offenses that occurred during the rape and two unrelated robberies.

Raphael J. Boyd, 22, one of two Reston men charged in connection with several rapes in Fairfax County last winter, now has been sentenced to a total of two life terms and 101 years in jail. He is still awaiting trial on another rape charge in Fairfax County and a rape charge in Alexandria.

Boyd's attorney estimated he would be eligible for parole in about 24 years. If Boyd is convicted of a third rape he would be required to spend the rest of his life in prison under a new Virginia law that provides that three-time offenders in rape, robbery and murder cases serve out their prison terms without parole.

"I'm not going to make a speech; I don't understand this case," Fairfax Circuit Court Judge F. Bruce Bach said yesterday. "I don't understand why Boyd, with his background, would commit a crime this vicious," Bach said.

Boyd was sentenced yesterday for the four-hour rape of a 52-year-old woman in her Reston town house last Dec. 1.

Court documents show that Boyd, a security guard for a Tysons Corner-area corporation, had no criminal record before being charged with the rapes and robberies that occurred last winter.

The results of psychological examinations of Boyd presented in court said that his violent crimes were connected to his poor relationship with his wife and bitter feelings toward his mother.

Boyd told doctors who examined him that he was driven to commit the robberies for material gain to try to please his wife and then realized that "being in control over his victims makes him sexually aroused," according to psychological reports read in court by Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney R. Dean Kidwell.

"The reports showed he compensated for his own insecurity by overwhelmingly vicious attacks on women," said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Chanda K. Myers, who prosecuted yesterday's rape case involving Boyd.

Shortly after Boyd appeared in Bach's courtroom for sentencing on the rape and five other related charges, he was sentenced to 30 more years in jail by Judge J. Howe Brown on two separate robbery charges, five years for a purse-snatching incident last August and 25 years for robbing a woman he attacked on a Reston golf course in March.

Boyd's court-appointed attorney, Mark Yeager, pleaded with both judges to consider the lengthy prison terms already imposed on Boyd and argued that Boyd needs psychological counseling that he will not receive in the prison system.