It's surprising sometimes what people lose and where they lose it.

The D.C. police department ran its periodic list of recovered property in this newspaper yesterday. It makes one wonder who lost that wheelchair, and under what circumstances, at 14th Street and Ritchie Place NE.

Some goods obviously were stolen and discarded: how else would one explain the checkwriting machine found in the 1200 block of U Street NW?

Lost a bicycle? Check the legal ad on page C11 of yesterday's Washington Post. One of the 32 recovered bikes may be yours.

Some items clearly are of sentimental value. Recovered at the Capitol was something described as a "metal ID bracelet, gold, with Army Air Corp sic ." And, even though Arlington is outside D.C. police jurisdiction, the list includes a "gold color ring with floral design" found at Arlington Cemetery.

And what of "Men's ring, nickel color, blue set in center" found "inside D.C. police cruiser 665"?

The most fascinating "found" items--monuments to the honesty of the police officers or hackers who recovered them--are the bundles of cash: $20, found in "rear seat of cab"; $60, found in 4600 block of Blue Plains Drive SW; $150, found in the 1300 block of 19th Street NW; $85, found at 29th and M streets NW; $50, found at 14th and K streets NW; $90, found in the 1600 block of Q Street NW; $31, found in the 7800 block of 12th Street NW, and $31 found--would you believe?--at the rear of the 1st Police District headquarters.

Any of these yours? Go with "proof of ownership"--how the heck does one prove ownership of $31?--to the police property division, 2235 Shannon Pl. SE.