You've heard of the Warner Brothers? Not the ones who ran the Hollywood movie studio, but the two in Washington, only one of them with star billing.

There's John Warner. He's 56 and highly visible, best known nationally--probably to his distress--because he was once married to Elizabeth Taylor. After all, when you're a United States senator, you expect to be known for yourself.

And there's Charles Warner. He's 51, is married (his wife's name is Heidi) and nearly invisible, at least until he was interviewed. A report was carried yesterday by the Associated Press. Charles Warner is the $65,000-a-year director of the Commerce Department's office of export trading company affairs. He's a former investment banker, electronics executive and operator of a Middleburg real estate brokerage.

By Sen. Warner's account, he didn't help his brother get the federal job. "He pretty much got the job on his own," the senator said.

Charles Warner's version, by the AP's account, is a bit different: After Ronald Reagan was elected, John asked Charles if he wanted to help the new administration. He dissolved his real estate firm to climb aboard. But, he said, "Frankly, it was my understanding the decision was made here in Commerce based on interviews with Commerce officials."

The two often play tennis at the senator's Atoka estate. And Charles calls John "Bros," rhyming with buzz--an endearment for "brother."