Countywide results from the standardized tests called SRA Achievement Series/Educational Ability Series, administered in March to Fairfax County Public School students in grades 4, 6, 8 and 11, showed scores were well above the national average (50 percentile).

Countywide, students' combined performance in reading, math and language arts, called composite scores, were 76 for fourth grade, 78 for sixth grade, 78 for eighth grade and 76 for 11th grade.

Most subtests at all grade levels remained the same or were higher than last year. The composite scores rose two points at fourth-grade level and one point at eighth grade and remained the same at sixth and 11th grades.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Fairfax County Public Schools. The scores for each school are listed as percentiles and are used to show how a particular school's students compare with students nationally. For instance, a mean percentile of 80 indicates the average student scored better than 80 percent of the students tested in the national sample.

The reading total represents both vocabulary and comprehension; the mathematics total represents concepts, computation and problem solving; the language arts total represents mechanics, usage and spelling. The final column, Educational Ability Series, represents a rough estimate of educational ability.