Come celebrate at the Alden Theatre with the McLean Community Center's Theatre Workshop. After five weeks of intensive work involving daily training in dance, voice, singing, acting and technical theater arts, the workshop students will put on the musical "Celebration," written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.

The workshop is designed for high school stud serious interest in the theater arts, providing much more than rehearsals and classes.

Jennifer Anne Goff,y did not know very much about theater before she started the workshop. "I have learned the skill of sewing comore about what I am capable of as an actress," she said. "The instructors here have taken raw talent and poli Chandler, 15, lives in McLean but attends the Duke Ellington School Of the Arts in the District. He is enthusce to continue to perform during the summer.

"This workshop has kept me going," he said. "The best part about doing this program is the fact that nw we look at it, we know that we as a group did it. What we put into it is what we will get out of it."

This summer, there are 14 student The unanimous vote, when comparing the feelings on the first day, is that this production has become a "family affair."believe much more in themselves and believe they have concrete knowledge as well as skills to take with them. e was truly proud of himself.

"Celebration" plays at 8 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and at 7 p.m. Monday. The Al the McLean Community Center, McLean. For more information, call 790-9248.

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