D.C. Lottery Board member Lillian C. Wiggins made public yesterday a letter sent to lottery officials alleging she had used her public job for personal gain, and then denounced the allegations as a "scurrilous attack against my credibility and integrity."

Wiggins said she has been unable to find anyone with the name used to sign the letter and plans to sue "the author . . . if he exists, and any other persons involved."

The letter was signed "Erasmus Hunsberger." It listed as a return address a suite in a downtown Washington office building. Officials of the company occupying the suite said yesterday that they do not know anyone named "Erasmus Hunsberger."

Wiggins said she decided to release the letter because she didn't want reporters "to nitpick me behind my back."

The letter said copies were sent to the media.

Wiggins, whose term on the board expired last month, is continuing to serve until her replacement is confirmed by the City Council.

In another development yesterday, Willis Johnson, the board's deputy director, told reporters he "unequivocally" denies allegations that he has sexually harassed female lottery board employes. The allegations were raised in a confidential memo Wiggins sent to the board's executive director, Chester C. Carter, asking Carter to look into the allegations.