A Fairfax County General District Court judge yesterday found an 18-year-old man guilty of two counts of simple assault in connection with a Father's Day attack on an Annandale man and his son.

Brian Jones was given a suspended sentence and fined $250 by Judge Frank B. Perry for assaulting John J. Spisak Sr. and his son, John Jr., in the Spisaks' home at 8304 Nightingale Ct. The elder Spisak suffered a broken toe and a twisted neck during the incident, according to testimony.

Perry heard more than two hours of testimony from members of the Spisak family and from defense witnesses for Jones who were also present June 18 when 15 to 20 youths allegedly stormed the Spisak home. Charges are still pending against two other adults and two juveniles.

In reaching a verdict yesterday, Perry said he concluded that the evidence and testimony presented about the charges was "enough to meet the technical definition of assault."

There had been testimony at an earlier court hearing that the incident occurred when one of the youths noticed damage done to his car, which had been parked in front of the Spisak residence while the group attended a party nearby. According to that testimony, a member of the group thought someone inside the Spisak home was responsible for the damage.

John Spisak Sr. and his daughter Suzanne testified at yesterday's hearing that Jones, whom they described as in a "highly intoxicated state," assaulted John Spisak Jr. by ramming him with his head. The elder Spisak told the court that Jones shoved him after he put his hand on Jones' shoulder and ordered him out of the house.

Three defense witnesses, who said they are friends of Jones' and were with him in the Spisak house that night, testified that they did see Jones and John Spisak Jr. knock heads but that they never saw Jones assault the elder Spisak.

Jones, who lives at 4516 Sonata Ct. in Annandale, is scheduled to stand trial Aug. 3 on a felony charge of breaking and entering in connection with the case.