Commercial users of burglar alarms in Rockville are now required to pay a $15 fee for a permit and will be fined if the units send out excessive false alarms.

The City Council unanimously adopted Montgomery County's law regulating alarms, which requires that alarm companies be licensed with the county and that nonresidential users of these alarms obtain permits.

If police respond to more than five false alarms in one year, the permit holder will have to pay $30 more to renew the permit.

The alarm ordinance was adopted because of a high number of false alarms last year, officials said. Within the city limits, Montgomery County and Rockville police responded to 3,072 false alarms last year, they said.

The Montgomery County Office of Consumer Affairs will handle administration of the ordinance, and police will report the instances of false alarms to the agency, Rockville Police Chief Jared D. Stout said.

Stout emphasized that alarm holders in the city will only need to be registered with the county and will not have to pay a separate fee to the city.

The council also agreed unanimously to establish historic districts around the two Dawson farmhouses on Copperstone Court.

The 1884 Dawson farmhouse and the 1912 main house will be protected as historic landmark sites.