More than 600 people filed through Prince George's County Police Headquarters in Forestville on Tuesday and yesterday hoping to find their stolen property.

But only 50 of the approximately 200 items on display were identified by victims of housebreaking as theirs.

The property on view was valued at about $1.5 million and included elephant tusks, a polar bear rug, antique clocks, silverware and coins. It was confiscated June 3 from an alleged fencing operation in Silver Hill.

Julius Fleischman, 61, of 2901 Branch Ave. SE was charged three days later with receiving stolen property along with liquor and cigarette offenses, according to Cpl. Nick Valltos, who was involved in the investigation.

Valltos said the seizure and Fleischman's arrest followed an investigation in which he and other officers, watching from a van, observed Fleischman's Iron Gate Antiques business at 3131 Branch Ave., Silver Hill..

Fleischman, who also owns the Branch Avenue Motor Lodge next door to the antique store, is free on bond awaiting trial.

Police said investigation is continuing and more arrests are expected.

Police said they believe the goods were stolen in several counties in the Washington area, so they invited detectives from other departments to view the display last Monday. Those detectives have not yet positively identified any items as stolen, Valltos said.

The 50 items that burglary victims claimed were their property will not be released until proof, such as photographs, serial numbers or insurance documents, is produced, according to Valltos.