The following were among the actions of the Fairfax County Board at its Aug. 1 meeting:

TAXES--Approved 28 waivers of penalty and interest for late payment of real estate and persll in cases that met board established criteria.

HOUSING ASSISTANCE--Authorized advertisement of a public he12 on a proposed amendment to the county's Housing Assistance Plan to include goals for moderate income housinBUDGET--Authorized advertisement of a public hearing at 7 p.m. on Sept. 12 on fiscal year 1983 funds to be carryear 1984. Directed the county executive to use the previously set 6.65 percent revenue increase projection asry budget formulations for fiscal year 1985.

STAFFING--(1) Approved funding for converting existing temporarositions and for adding another permanent position to prepare reports on applications to the Board of Zoning A state grant-funded positions in the Office of Transportation for one year to implement marketing projects; (3rthern Virginia Private Industry Council's approval for staff to develop and submit the initial fiscal year 1984 Job Training Partnership Act Plan; and (4) approved two new positions for the 81 units of additional public housing on O'Day Drive and at the Willston North complex, but deferred action on other requested positions until study is completed.

DRUNK DRIVING--Accepted the implementation plan of the County Task Force on Drunk Driving, which recommends that: (1) the legislative viewed and acted upon by the board's legislative committee; (2) the fiscal year 1985 budget request for the poanti-drunk driving equipment, such as improved breath screening devices, high visibility patrol vehicles and vcessing stations; (3) a coordinator's position be established in the county attorney's office; and (4) a 10-member oversight commiablished.

REAL ESTATE SIGNS--Endorsed the dissemination of "Guidelines for Placement of Real Estate Signs inrthern Virginia Board of Realtors and the Builders Association to their memberships, and directed that staff a of problems relating to existing zoning ordinance provisions be provided to the board in early 1984.

BONDIt. 12 Price Waterhouse's report analyzing land development bonding procedures in Fairfax County.

CABLE TV--Gation to provide free rental space in the James Lee Media Center, 2855 Annandale Rd., for Fairfax Cable Access strong opposition after talking to residents near the center, it is to return to the board.

DOLLEY MADISONd of a $66,630 contract to McShane Construction Co. for remodeling Dolley Madison Library at 1244 Oak Ridge Avn McLean to include handicapped access ramps and bathrooms. Dranesville District.

METRO--Directed staff to crthern Virginia Transportation Commission's proposal to use the West Falls Church Metro Station on an interim acility for I-66 car pools. Dranesville and Providence Districts. Requested that the Metro Board determine if tington Metro Station is being delayed a year and if so, ask the county's Metro Board members to work with botCongress to see that this decision is reconsidered and that the station open no later than September 1983. Alsbe sent to the chairman and members of the Metro Board and the general manager indicating the county's concernd that the board wants the School Board to eliminate all smoking areas in schools and is willing to authorize ls where smoking still exists to assist in its elimination.

ROADS--Approved the acquisition of land and easen and improve the intersection of Rte. 50 and Annandale Road from road construction funds approved by voters iand Providence Districts.

ZONING ACTIONS--(1) Deferred until its decision on an application by Anton Yergat and C. Douglas Adams to rezone approximately 4.6 acres from liretail use. Mason District.(2) Approved with conditions an application by Gulf Oil Co. to permit the replacemee addition of a canopy to an existing service station and to waive minimum lot requirements at 7604 Little Rivrict. (3) Approved with amendments an application to permit the expansion of Fairfax Hospital. Providence Distnct.