The following were among the actions of the Falls Church City Council at its August 8 meeting:

PARK AND RIDE--Voted to support a proposal to use the West Falls Church Metrorail station as a park-and-ride facility until subway service begins at the station in 1986 or 1987. A 500-space parking lot near the station could be available by the end of the year to provide a place to form I-66 car pools, and develop commuter habits for the eventual expansion of subway service. The measure now moves to the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation for final approval.

ZONING ORDINANCE--The council voted to adopt a measure clarifying the wording of a site plan zoning ordinance to make it easier to understand and to protect environmental quality and encourage attractive architecture.

ARCHITECTURAL ADVISORY BOARD--The council raised the number of voting members of the board from five to six.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS--Proposals were introduced on adding $39,000 to the construction budget of Cavalier Trail Park for landscaping, lighting on the hiking and bike trails, and security, and on appropriating an additional $25,000 to the water works fund to improve analysis of the city's water flow, pressure and drainage. The proposals were passed on to the Planning Commission, and face a council vote on August 29.