The following items are on the Aug. 13 agenda of the Arlington County Board. The meeting will be held in the board room of the county court house, 1400 N. Court House Rd.:

8 a.m.--Working session on the development of the court house area.

9 a.m.--Public comment and consideration of:

Discontinuation of the car pool restrictions on Arlington Boulevard.

Potential November bond referenda, including streets and highway, community conservation, water distribution, park and recreation, and Metrorail.

A resolution supporting reconstruction and widening of the interchange at Arlington Boulevard and Carlin Springs Road.

Landscaping, traffic, and pedestrian safety amendments to the Lyon Village Conservation Plan.

Use permit applications (1) to operate a public garage at 2602 Columbia Pike; (2) to increase enrollment at a child development center at 1210 N. Highland St.; (3) to operate a playground at 1315 N. Highland St.; and (4) to operate a family day-care home at 36 S. Aberdeen St.

Use permit reviews to continue operation of (1) a private club at 919 N. Kansas St.; (2) a day-care center at 712 23rd St. South; (3) a public parking area as a transitional use at 102 N. Utah St.; and (4) a day-care center at 3412 22nd St. South.

Site plan amendments to (1) permit a sign at 1401 Lee Hwy.; (2) incorporate 3828 N. Stafford St. into the site plan at 3820 N. Stafford St. and add a two-family dwelling; (3) permit a rear deck at 6017 N. First St.; (4) permit a sign/sculpture at 601 and 701 S. 12th St.; (5) renovate, construct and operate a car wash with a service station at 1824 Wilson Blvd.; (6) operate a family home day-care center at 1015 S. 23rd St.

Amendments to the County Code on prorating the vehicle tag fee depending upon when in the year the tag is purchased, on adding wastewater pretreatment required by EPA, and on ensuring that animals have rabies vaccinations before licensing.

Vacating of (1) excess right-of-way on S. Arlington Mill Road from S. Quincy Street to Shirlington Road; (2) an alley in block 3 of the Shirlington Business Center; (3) an alley in Brandon Village between N. Harrison Street and N. Greenbrier Street, south of Wilson Boulevard; and (4) an alley in Clarendon.

Approval of curb, gutter and/or sidewalk projects on (1) N. Harrison Street between Little Falls Road and Yorktown Boulevard; (2) S. First Street between S. Carlin Springs Road and S. Lexington Street and S. Lexington Street between S. Arlington Boulevard and S. Second Street; (3) S. 24th Street between Glebe Road and Shirlington Road and 500 feet to the east of Glebe Road.

Appropriation of $92,095 for the High Intensity Language Training (HILT)/ AltProgram, $42,566 for curriculum and instructional materials for the HILT program , and $47,561 for a staff pering in educational environments for children with educational or learning disabilities.

Final acceptance Flood Control Project.

Authorization for the treasurer to continue efforts to collect uncollectable and d personal property taxes.

Appropriation of Job Training Partnership Act funds and establishment of six pee program; approval of an interjurisdictional agreement with Alexandria to establish a private industry council and the area of services for the program; and approval of the Virginia Employment Commission's local plan of service for the program.

Award of a contract for lighting at Virginia Highlands Park. Requests to advertise:

Change of ownership of ARTEC.

Amendment to the zoning ordinance to require site plan, rather than use permit, approval for two-family din certain residential districts.

Amendments to the County Code regarding the retirement program for emplthe Virginia Supplemental Retirement System.

Amendments to the County Code to raise maximum rent ceilingse Relief Program.

Amendments to the County Code to create a new category of massage therapist.

Donatlawn School site to the Hospice of Northern Virginia. Appointments.