Customs Service has openings (lateral transfer only) for Grade 9/11 librarians for temporary and permanent part-time openings. If you understand all that, call Cindy Roberts at 566-5739 . . . Customs is also looking for a computer programmer, GS 7/9; and GS 11 and 12 computer programmer analysts. Applicants must have civil service status. Call Doretta Davis-Clarke on 566-2710.

Army in Falls Church needs several clerk-stenos at the GS 4 and 5 level. Must have status or notice of rating. Call Beverly Anderson on 692-3321.

Library of Congress wants an electronic engineer, GS 12/13/14. Call 287-9675.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing is looking for a GS 11/12 employe-labor relations specialist; GS 9/11 personnel staffing-classification specialist (full time and part-time); a GS 4/6 workers compensation technician; GM 13 supervisory safety engineer. Call Kristopher Boushie on 447-9840.

Army has openings at Fort McNair and Fort Myer for lifeguards. Call Karen Magee on 692-3321.

Navy in Memphis (Tenn.) needs a GM 13 contract specialist. Call (901) 872-5535.

National Library of Medicine in Bethesda wants a GS 11/12 computer programmer analyst. Call Shirley Landsman at 496-4943.