A 33-year-old Haymarket, Va., man was indicted by a Fairfax County grand jury yesterday on charges of murdering a Vienna man and wounding an Annandale woman last month during an argument.

The man, Raymond Thomas Ball, accused in the fatal shooting of Leon Francis Moore, 33, of 210 Talahi Rd., Vienna, was indicted on a malicious wounding charge in the shooting of Leslie McCain, 22, of 4104 Hummer Rd., Annandale, in which a bullet severed her spine leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. He also was indicted on a charge of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Police said that when they were summoned to McCain's house before dawn July 15, Moore's body was lying in the front yard and McCain was lying nearby.

Moore, who had been dating McCain, was visiting her when Ball, a former boyfriend of McCain, crashed through a basement door of the house and began talking to her, according to police accounts.

During a scuffle that followed, Moore apparently shot Ball in the chest with a handgun, police said, Ball wrestled the gun away and shot Moore in the head, then turned the gun toward McCain and shot her in the neck.

Attorneys for Ball maintain that he was acting in self defense.

In an unrelated matter, Ball also was indicted yesterday on charges of conspiracy to manufacture the drug phencyclidine (PCP).