Carole Lindenberg was in the family room of her home at 9608 Halter Ct. in Potomac with two friends, her son and housekeeper yesterday when they heard "a tremendous noise, not like an explosion or a person falling, just a very large noise," she said.

Running upstairs to investigate, Lindenberg said, she found the front part of a tractor-trailer moving van. About a third of the tractor part was inside the living room, she said-- "just enough to make it look like an Andy Warhol painting."

Moments earlier, the truck, owned by a moving company, had been parked across the street where a young couple was moving in.

The movers were inside when the unattended truck rolled downhill across lawns and through the Lindenbergs' 8-by-10-foot bay window.

"One foot in either direction and it would have caused monumental damage," said Lindenberg. "It was also two-and-a-half inches away from my gas meter." While waiting for the insurance adjuster she continued to accentuate the positive: "No one was hurt. Why not look at the upside?"

When police directed the van's removal, about two hours later, Lindenberg said, "we saw that part of the trailer was caught on the roof."

Had it not hit the roof, the van's two large gasoline tanks could have struck the stone wall of the house, she said.