A Prince George's County Circuit Court jury yesterday found 20-year-old Clifton Earl Tucker guilty of assault with attempt to commit a sex offense and assault and battery on a young Upper Marlboro man at the county jail in February 1982.

According to testimony presented in the two-day trial, the victim, Kevin Parrish, was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Feb. 19 and was sent to the county jail early the next morning to wait until his mother arrived with $50 to bail him out.

Parrish, who was 20 at the time, testified that shortly after he entered the jail's holding unit which contained about 50 men, Tucker struck up a conversation with him. Another man pushed Parrish into a small cell that was out of the view of the lone guard on duty, Parrish said. One man tied Parrish's hands behind him with a piece of bedsheet and Tucker demanded that Parrish perform oral sex, according to Parrish.

Parrish said he refused, tried to get out of the cell and was then beaten by at least two men. Parrish said he ran from the cell and called the guard for help. He was sent to the jail's medical unit where he was treated for a bloody face and black eyes, corrections officer Clarence Richardson testified. Richardson said he then asked Parrish to identify his attackers from about 50 inmate photographs.

Richardson said yesterday that Parrish was able to positively identify Tucker and three other men from the pictures and later that day in person. However when Parrish was asked by prosecutor John McKenna earlier this week if he was sure Tucker was one of the men who beat him, Parrish said he was not sure. "I don't know, I think so," Parrish said Wednesday.

According to Tucker's attorney, Mike J. Miller, there is no jail record that Parrish pressed charges against any men involved in the attack.

Tucker, who was in the jail at the time awaiting reconsideration of a sentence for armed robbery, has said he was innocent of the charges. Last week, Tucker was acquitted of sexual assault charges against another former jail inmate. On the witness stand last week, that man recanted his grand jury testimony that he had been sexually assaulted by Tucker and another inmate.

Details of the attack on Parrish were reported last September in a series of Washington Post articles about jail rapes. In that series, Tucker said that he had punched Parrish in the stomach and face. Following the Post series, 12 current and former jail inmates, including Tucker, were indicted on various assault and sex-offense charges.