The District's new daily numbers game, which will start on Monday, was designed to be comparable to the numbers game in Maryland so that one game would not have a competitive edge over the other in attracting players, D.C. Lottery Board Chairman Brant Coopersmith said yesterday.

The D.C. game, called Lucky Numbers, will operate six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and will take the same holidays as Maryland's game, he said.

The payout of $500 for a $1 bet on the winning number also is the same.

At a press conference formally announcing the game, Coopersmith said he does not know what the impact will be on illegal numbers games in the city.

"There is not a single authority that says this will put the illegal game out of business," he said. For some, the D.C. game will be a third place to bet a number along with Maryland and the street, he said.

The board released a list of 64 agents that will be ready to take bets on Monday. None of these initial agents are in the Northwest section of the city, and only three are in Southwest.

About two-thirds of the agents are liquor stores, and the rest generally are drug stores or groceries.

The nationwide phone strike has kept other agents throughout the city from being hooked into the system.