Prince George's County Public Schools have announced the policy for free and reduced-price meals for school children unable to pay the full price of meals served in schools under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.

Eligible for free meals are children from families whose income is at or below the following levels: $6,318 for one; $8,502 for a family of two; $10,686 for a family of three; $12,870 for four; $15,054 for five; $17,238 for six; $19,422 for seven; and $21,606 for eight.

Eligible for reduced-price meals children from famlies whose incomes meet the following guidelines: $6,319 to $8,991 for one; $8,503 to $12,099 for a family of two; $10,687 to $15,207 for three; $12,871 to $18,315 for four; $15,055 to $21,423 for five; $17,239 to $24,531 for six; $19,422 to $27,639 for seven; and $21,606 to $30,747 for eight.

Applications are being sent in a letter to all students' homes. Additional copies of the application are available at principals' offices.

Applications may be submitted any time during the year. If there is a decrease in household income due to unemployment or other reasons, households may reapply at that time. In some cases, foster children are eligible for the benefits.