Arlington County

The following were among the actions of the Arlington County School Board at its Aug. 18 meeting:

APPOINTMENTS--Appointed Rose-Barbara Neustadt as legislative consultant and Margaret Bocke as legislative liason.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES--Aproved all of the proposed extracurricular activities for high schools and intermediate schools, except Swanson Intermediate School's "Dungeons and Dragons" club.

BUDGET--Approved County Board's request to reappropriate excess funds from the 1982-83 school year to expand computer systems in secondary and intermediate schools ($175,000), to continue Hoffman-Boston Cultural Arts Center programs ($30,000) and to install word processors in the Education Center ($60,000).

CLAREMONT SCHOOL--Approved leasing Claremont School to the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy for $1 a year and other stipulations, including complete maintenance and operation costs of the building.

AIR CONDITIONING--Approved air conditioning in the Langston Building.

APPROVED the following:

* Personnel actions as presented.

* $849 in scholarships and grants for teachers.

* Priority areas of work meeting to be held 7:30 p.m. Monday.

* Staff development program for regular and special education teachers.

* State Adult Education Service: teacher training project/refugee education employment program.

* Home economics courses for the handicapped.

* Computer keyboarding for special vocational education students.

* Project to continue to encourage post-secondary students to participate in programs at the Educational Opportunity Center.

* Vocational education administrators and teachers travel to conferences and conventions.

* Arlington vocational education program for students with limited English proficiency.

* Adult basic education programs.

* Development of educational access channels on Metrocable

* Chapter I program of the Education Consolidation and Imrpovement Act of 1981, providing remedial reading instruction for first to fifth graders.

* Noncounty-resident tuition rates of the 1983-84 school year.

* Employment aid for intermediate handicapped students.

* Industrial robotics curriculum, laboratory and course work.

* Introduction to animal science program.

* Gifted and talented internship program.

* Updating business education equipment.

* Request for additional appropriations for special education.

The next School Board meeting is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. next Thursday in the Board Room, 1426 North Quincy St., Arlington. Falls Church

The following were among the actions taken at the Falls Church School Board at its Aug. 16 meeting:

DAY CARE--Introduced a report on day-care programs. Proposals have been sent to the governor's office and the General Assembly asking for permanent legislation authorizing the city to run its own day-care programs. The city's present authority expires in June 1984. The board will act on this matter at Sept. 6.

FALLS CHURCH PLAYERS--Renewed an agreement with the Falls Church Players allowing the theater group use of high school facilities for its productions. The board also approved regulations governing use of school facilities by all outside organizations.

LEGISLATIVE CONSULTANT--Reappointed Rose-Barbara Neustadt as legislative consultant for Falls Church city schools. She monitors school-related issues before the General Assembly.

NONRESIDENT STUDENTS--Approved a policy that requires nonresident students to contact the school superintendent for consideration of fee waivers.