CALENDAR Sept. 1-2: Teachers' days for staff development, orientation and program planning. Sept. 5: Labor Day holiday. Sept. 6: First full day of schol for students. Oct. 10: Columbus Day holiday. Nov. 11: Veterans' Day holiday. Nov. 14: Teacher record-keeping and staff development, half days (students not in school). Nov. 24-25: Thanksgiving holiday. Dec. 26-31: Winter vacation. Jan. 2: New Year's holiday. Jan. 16: Martin Luther King Birthday holiday. Jan. 30: Last day of school for students, first semester. Jan. 31: Teacher record-keeping and staff development; half days (students not in school). Feb. 1: First day of school for students and teachers, second semester. Feb. 20: George Washington's Birthday holiday. April 2-12: "Welcome to Our Schools" week. Registration and orientation for new students. April 6: Teacher record-keeping and staff development, half days (students not in school). April 20-27: Spring vacation. May 28: Memorial Day holiday. June 19: Last day of school for students, second semester. June 20: Last day of school for teachers. REGISTRATION: New students should register at the school they plan to attend. For information on what school a child will attend, parents should call their school system's regional office or contact the communications branch at 724-4044. DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR REGISTRATION: Proof of child's birthdate, preferably birth certificate. Record of immunizations. Proof of residence (D.C. driver's license, phone bill, rent receipt). Student transfer slip or final report card from previous school. AGE REQUIREMENTS Children entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by Dec. 31. Children entering first grade must be 6 years old by Dec. 31. MEALS Breakfast: 30 cents (full), 10 cents (reduced). Lunch, elementary: 50 cents (full), 10 cents (reduced). Lunch, secondary: 60 cents (full), 10 cents (reduced). Most D.C. schools serve hot breakfasts and lunches. Many students may qualify for free or reduced-priced meals based on the size and income of the family. For information contact the school's principal. BOARD OF EDUCATION: David Eaton, president, (at-large) 724-4283. Nathaniel Bush, vice president, (Ward 7) 724-4302. Bettie G. Benjamin (Ward 5) 724-4302. Linda W. Cropp (Ward 4) 724-4283. R. David Hall (Ward 2) 724-4283. Eugene Kinlow (at-large) 724-4289. R. Calvin Lockridge (Ward 8) 724-4283. Barbara Lett Simmons (at-large) 724-4289. Edna Frazier-Cromwell (Ward 1) 724-4302. John E. Warren (Ward 6) 724-4302. Wanda Washburn (Ward 3) 724-4302. Howard Miller II (student representative) 724-4289. Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month (September through June) in the Presidential Building Board Room, 415 12th St. NW. Community meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month on a rotating schedule in each ward (October through May). ATTENDANCE The law requires children from ages 7 to 16 to enroll and attend school regularly. Students are required to bring a note stating the reason for absence with documentation where appropriate. Excused absences: *If student is ill. * If student is needed at home for emergency. * Death in the immediate family. * If student is required to appear at judicial proceedings. * Observance of religious holy days. *Suspension of expulsion from school by authorities. * Temporary closing of facilities due to weather, activities, holidays or malfunction of equipment. (Missed school days will be made up by shortening the spring vacation or extending the school year.) *Other absences approved in advance by principal on written request of parent or guardian. TRANSFERS * Elementary, middle and junior high school students usually attend their neighborhood school, but a transfer may be requested from the regional office. * High school students may request admission to any high school in the city. Priority admission is given to students living in the school's attendance zone; transfer students are accepted through random selection. REPORTING TO PARENTS Schools will keep parents informed on the educational progress of the child through conferences, by telephone and by report cards, issued every nine weeks in grades 1 through 12 on Nov. 10, Jan. 30, April 5 and June 19. RESOLVING SPECIFIC PROBLEMS Contact the students' teacher or person with whom problem occurred. If problem cannot be resolved, notify the principal. If the principal cannot resolve the problem, call the assistant superintendent. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached through these channels, call the office of the superintendent. PARENT INVOLVEMENT Parents are urged to take an active role in their child's education by attending PTA meetings regularly in addition to helping with home assignments. Each school has a PTA or a Home and School Association to assist in advising the principal on family and community concerns regarding the schools. The city-wide PTA office is at J.O. Wilson Elementary School. Call 543-0333. SPECIAL EDUCATION Most students diagnosed as having handicaps participate in regular instructional programs at their local schools. Some attend special schools and others receive tuition grants to obtain training the D.C. public schools cannot provide. By law, children must be tested and their disabilities diagnosed before they can be placed in a special education program. For testing and diagnosis call the Child Study Center at 724-4785.Before a child is placed in a special education program, an individualized education plan is designed for the student with parental assistance and approval. For more information call 724-4018. COMMEMORATIVE DAYS Sept. 16: Parent-Educator Unity Day. Sept. 19: World Peace Day. Feb. 1-29: Black History Month. Feb. 2: Chinese Vietnamese New Year. Feb. 13: Abraham Lincoln Day. Feb. 24: Jose de San Martin Day. March 4-10: National Women's History Week. March 5: Myrtilla Miner Day. March 5-11: Music in Our Schools Week and Annual Jazz Piano Competition. March 16: Wilmington 10 Day. April 9: Paul Robeson Day. April 30: Edward Kennedy (Duke) Ellington Day. May 13-19: Mary McLeod Bethune Week. May 18: Malcolm X Day. June 4: Mary Church Terrell Day. ADULT EDUCATION CENTERS Sept. 6-June 2: * Adult Basic Eduation (major centers) Franklin, Gordon, Project CALL (Armstrong Center). * Carnegie Unit program Adult education (Armstrong); academic night high school courses at Ballou, Roosevelt, H.D. Woodson; alternative programs at Spingarn STAY, Washington-Dix Street Academy. * Career Development Evening Centers (certificate) Bell, Chamberlain, Penn Center, Phelps. Oct. 3-June 8: * Community school programs: Beers, Bruce-Monroe, Bunker Hill, Fort Lincoln, Friendship, Garnet-Patterson, Logan, Marie Reed, River Terrace, Shaw, Takoma, Washington Highland, Winston, H.D. Woodson.