Both Stafford and Fauquier county school systems have added to their curriculums this year, but spokesmen from both counties said the public schools will remain basically unchanged from last year.

"I think we are in just about the same state we were in when we closed our doors last spring," Fauquier School Superintendent S. Harold Lamm said. "We will open looking about the same."

Fauquier has added a course in horse management on the high school level. High school principal David Graham said students in the course will learn how to care for and raise horses.

Local horse breeders have lent stable space near the school for the course, he said.

Stafford County students will have a wider range of math courses to choose from this fall, said Charles M. Holt, Stafford director of instruction.

The county is starting a pre-algebra course for seventh graders and adding advanced Algebra and calculus to the high school curriculum.

"We are generally beefing up our curriculum for our gifted and talented students," Holt said.

The county also will offer advanced courses in literature, American history and current affairs on the high school level.

In the school's business departments, courses on accounting have been dropped in favor of computer courses, he said.

Holt said Stafford also will begin charging students for driver's education for the first time this year. It will cost $50 for a driver's course that includes practical experience driving a car, he said. The course had cost $25 in summer school and was offered free during the school year.

In an effort to improve the quality of teaching, Stafford teachers will be evaluated more frequently and thoroughly this year, Holt said.