The embassy of the Philippines was damaged slightly last night when one or two firebombs were ignited near the front doors of the four-story building in the 1600 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW, authorities reported.

No injuries were reported in the 10:15 p.m. incident, which occurred during a period of mourning for a slain leader of the opposition to the Philippines government.

Authorities said they knew of no suspects in the bombing, which caused "a couple of thousand dollars," in damage, according to D.C. fire department fire investigator Joe Fiore.

Fiore said he believed the fire that blazed briefly in the vestibule of the building and caused smoke damage throughout the structure was caused by a molotov cocktail. He said one such device may have been placed inside the vestibule and a second may have been ignited outside the building and thrown at the door.

The plate glass was broken out of both doors of the main entrance of the brick-faced building, but it was not immediately clear how much of the damage was caused by the bomb or bombs and how much by firefighters who arrived quickly to douse the flames.

A witness told investigators that just before the fire broke out, he heard a crash and saw three men run from the front of the building.

A duty officer at the embassy said he was sitting in the lobby when he heard glass shatter in the building's outer door and then saw flames around a wooden inner door.

The incident occurred almost exactly one week after the fatal shooting in Manila of Benigno Aquino, a leader of the opposition to the government of President Ferdinand Marcos. Aquino was killed as he was returning from exile to launch what was expected to be a vigorous electoral campaign against Marcos.

Aquino will be buried Tuesday in Manila.