The following are campaign contributions of $1,000 or more made to Friends of John Warner '84 from Jan. 1 to June 30, as reported by the Friends of John Warner '84 Committee to the Federal Election Commission on behalf of the Virginia Republican senator for next year's elections: From PACS and parties:

AHM PAC (American hotels and motels), Washington, $1,000.

American General PAC (insurance), Houston, $1,000.

American Medical PAC, Washington, $5,000.

American Sugar Cane League PAC, New Orleans, $1,000.

American Textile Industry Committee for Good Government, Washington, $1,000.

Americans for Constitutional Action (traditional conservative), Washington, $3,890.

AMOCO PAC (Standard Oil), Chicago, $1,000.

Ashland Oil PAC, Washington, $1,000.

ASTA PAC (American Society of Travel Agents), Washington, $2,000.

Automobile and Truck Dealers Elec. Action Committee, McLean, $5,000.

Avco Corp. PAC (Space systems and engines), Greenwich, Conn., $3,000.

Bank of Virginia PAC, Richmond, $1,025.

BDM PAC (engineering and architecture), McLean, $2,150.

Bechtel PAC #2, San Francisco, $1,000.

The Bluebonnet Fund (lobbying and legal services), Houston, $1,000.

Boeing PAC, Wichita, Kan. $2,000.

Brownbuilders PAC (oil and gas), Houston, $1,000.

Burlington Industries Good Government Committee (fabrics), Greensboro, N.C., $1,500.

Campaign America (traditional Republican), Washington, $5,000.

The Coca-Cola Co. Nonpartisan Committee for Good Government, Atlanta, $1,150.

Committee on Letter Carriers Political Education (labor organizations), Washington, $1,000.

The Committee for Responsible Government, VEPCO, Richmond, $2,000.

Dravo Employees for Better Government (marine and mine engineering), Washington, $1,000.

Ethyl Corp. PAC (petroleum and chemicals), Richmond, $1,000.

Fluor Public Affairs Committee (petrochemicals and power), Irvine, Calif., $1,000.

The Freedom Fund (lobbying and legal services), Houston, $1,000.

Freeport-Mcmoran, Inc. Citizenship Committee (petroleum production and exploration), Washington, $1,000.

General Dynamics Voluntary Political Contribution Plan, St. Louis (aircraft), $5,000.

General Motors/Civil Involvement Program, Detroit, $5,000.

Grumman PAC (air and spacecraft), Bethpage, N.Y., $5,000.

Harris Corp. Federal PAC (communications), Melbourne, Fla., $5,000.

HI/PAC (Holiday Inns of America), Memphis, $1,000.

Hughes Active Citizenship Fund (aircraft), El Segundo, Calif., $1,300.

HOUPAC (petroleum), Houston, $1,000.

ITT Corporate Citizenship Committee, New York, $2,500.

Kaneb Concerned Citizens Fund (coal, oil and gas), Houston, $1,000.

Litton Employees PAC (aerospace systems and electronics), Beverly Hills, Calif., $1,000.

Lone Star PAC (cement and developing), Greenwich, Conn., $1,000.

Lockheed Good Government Program (aircraft and ballistics), Burbank, Calif., $2,500.

Merrill Lynch PAC, New York, $1,000.

Martin Marietta PAC (space and defense systems), Bethesda, $1,000.

NAII PAC (independent insurers), Des Plaines, Ill., $1,500.

The National Association of Life Underwriters PAC, Washington, $1,600.

National Republican Senatorial Committee/Challengers Campaign Fund, Washington, $15,405.50.

Nonpartisan Political Support Committee for General Electric Co., Fairfield, Conn., $1,500.

Northrop Employees PAC (aircraft and weaponry), Los Angeles, $5,000.

Pennzoil PAC, Houston, $1,000.

Peobody PAC (coal), St. Louis, $1,000.

Phillips Petroleum Co. PAC, Bartlesville, Okla., $1,000.

Political Action Arm of The Federation of American Hospitals, Washington, $1,000.

Republican Majority Fund, Washington, $5,000.

Republic Steel Corp. PAC, Washington, $2,000.

RJR Good Government Fund (tobacco), Winston-Salem, N.C., $2,000.

Raytheon PAC (electronics and engineering), Lexington, Mass., $1,000.

Rockwell International Corp. Good Government Fund (autos, aerospace and energy), Pittsburgh, $2,500.

SEPAC (Shell Oil employes), Houston, $2,000.

SUN PAC (Sun Oil), Radnor, Pa., $1,500.

TARPAC (television and radio), Washington, $1,000.

Tenneco Employees Good Government Fund (petroleum), Houston, $4,000.

Textron PAC (aerospace and electronics), Providence, R.I., $5,000.

Tobacco Institute PAC, Washington, $2,400.

Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government (petroleum and railroads), Washington, $2,000.

United Technologies Corp. PAC-FED (high technology production), Hartford, Conn., $2,000.

U.S. League-Savings Association, Washington, $1,200.

The Virginia Bankers Association, Richmond, $1,000.

Virginia Committee for Political Action, Dairymen, Inc., Washington, $1,000.

Virginia Dental PAC, Harrisonburg, $1,000.

Vought Corp. Active Citizenship Campaign (aircraft), Dallas, $2,000.

Walt PAC (construction), Tampa, Fla., $1,000.

The following individuals contributed $1,000 to the Friends of John Warner:

Harold Pruner, Riverside, Conn.

John W. Warner, Middleburg.

Minor F. Abel, Jr., Virginia Beach.

Hector Alcade, Arlington.

Carl Arnold, Washington.

Perry R. Bass, Fort Worth.

Mrs. Perry R. Bass, Fort Worth.

Arthur S. Brinkley, Richmond.

Suzanne M. Broyhill, Arlington.

Joel T. Broyhill, Arlington.

E.J. Campbell, Newport News.

Nancy R. Cook, Arlington.

William P. Clements, Dallas.

Rita Clements, Dallas.

Harvey B. Cohen, Arlington.

Carle E. Davis, Richmond.

John N. Dalton, Richmond.

R. Alan Fuentes, Virginia Beach.

S. Douglas Fleet, Mechanicsville.

J. Smith Ferebee, Richmond.

Anne H. Fralin, Roanoke.

Horace G. Fralin, Roanoke.

Max H. Goodloe, Richmond.

Nancy Gottwald, Richmond.

Bruce C. Gottwald, Richmond.

F.D. Gottwald Jr., Richmond.

Marion Edwyn Harrison, Arlington.

E.W. Hawthorne, Midlothian, Va.

Hubert N. Hoffman, Alexandria.

Joseph A. Jennings, Richmond.

Henry O. Lampe, Arlington.

Frances A. Lewis, Richmond.

Lewis Lawrence, Jr., Richmond.

Charles S. Luck, III, Richmond.

John D. Marsh, Gainesville, Va.

Hazel B. Marsh, Gainesville, Va.

E. Morgan Massey, Richmond.

Forrest R. Marshall Jr., Charlottesville.

Mary Matthews, Yorktown.

H. Ronnie Montgomery, Jonesville.

Marilyn Morabito, McLean.

Peter A. Morabito, McLean.

Meta J. Mortenson, McLean.

John Mullenholtz, McLean.

Harold Mullins, Virginia Beach.

Clyde B. Pitchford Jr., Richmond.

David P. Reynolds, Richmond.

E. Clairborne Robins Sr., Richmond.

E. Clairborne Robins Jr., Richmond.

Carroll L. Saine, Richmond.

Angela D. Shafran, Arlington.

George P. Shafran, Arlington.

Jack Shafran, Falls Church.

Jane M. Shafran, Falls Church.

Tom Shafran, Arlington.

Florence T. Short, Virginia Beach.

Richard T. Short, Virginia Beach.

John D. Murchison Jr., Dallas.

W.S. Judkins, Richmond.

John B. Toomey, Alexandria.

Herbert V. Kelly, Newport News.

Meredeth Long, Houston.

Corbin J. Robertson, Houston.

James D. Dannenbaum, Houston.

John P. Diesel, Houston.

Allen T. McInnes, Houston.

Kenneth W. Reese, Houston.

Joe B. Foster, Houston.

John J. McMullen, New York.

W.G. Reynolds Jr., Richmond.

L.C. Ackerman, Williamsburg.

Mrs. Edwin B. Cox, Dallas.

Robert Mosbacher, Houston.

G.N. Parrott, Dallas.

R.W. Moncrief, Fort Worth.

W.A. Moncreif, Fort Worth.

Peter O'Donnell Jr., Dallas.

Edith J. O'Donnell, Dallas.

T.B. Pickens Jr., Amarillo, Tex.

Louis A. Beecherl Jr., Dallas.

H.E. Chiles, Fort Worth.

James C. Storm, Corpus Christi, Tex.

H.B. Harkins, Alice, Tex.

Dennis J. Lehr, Washington.

Donald L. Liverman, Sr., Virginia Beach.

B.L. Skeens, Grafton, Va.

Ann Pruner, Old Greenwich, Conn.

C.R. Polfer, La Jolla, Calif.

E. Turncliff Fox, Richmond.

James H. Lemon Jr., Washington.

Murphy H. Baxter, Houston.

Gilbert M. Turner, Houston.

S.M. McAshan Jr., Houston.

E. Causey Davis, Richmond.

Dean Jones, Sneedville, Tenn.

Jack Trible, Arlington.

F. Howard Walsh Jr., Fort Worth.

M.G. Britt, Fairfax.

J.O. Nicewonder Jr., Clintwood, Va.

Lloyd C. Martin, Pennington Gap, Va.

Lloyd C. Martin, Pennington Gap, Va.

Hays T. Watkins, Richmond.

Arthur J. Wessely, Dallas.

Darryl L. Wyland, McLean.

Susan T. Wyland, McLean.

Charles J. Wyly Jr., Dallas.

William M. Whitlow, Arlington.