A $1.9 million renovation of the Fairfax City elementary and intermediate schools over the next five years has been proposed by a school board subcommittee.

The repairs and improvements to the schools, all more than 20 years old, are a scaled-down version of the $6.2 million in capital improvements proposed by the school board but rejected by voters last spring in a city bond referendum.

School and City Council officials said at the time that much of the renovation was mandatory, to correct health and fire code violations and repair aging plumbing and electrical systems. The opposition to the bond issue appeared to center around the high bond interest costs ($7.2 million over a 20-year period) and the construction of small gymnasiums at the elementary schools, which a number of residents thought unnecessary.

The $1.9 million proposal, which will be reviewed by the school board and council and discussed at a public hearing sometime in mid September, includes a $325,000 auxiliary gymnasium at Lanier Intermediate School and creation of multipurpose rooms, most costing under $150,000 each, at the four elementary schools. Most of the money, however, would pay for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and minor building repairs, and a $60,000 music room for Lanier.

The school board and council already authorized $900,000 this year to repair the leaking Fairfax High School roof and make other emergency school building repairs.