A fund that distributes money to 27 primarily black charities was added this year to the Combined Federal Campaign, the government's version of the United Way drive.

For the first time, the United Black Fund of America is among 21 national service agencies eligible for federal employe payroll deductions this year. The federal fund-raising drive annually raises about $100 million from the nation's 4.7 military and civilian workers.

The United Black Fund joins groups such as the Special Olympics, the American Foundation for the Blind and the United Negro College Fund in the national service agency listing.

Also added to the list this year was Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America, the League of United Latin American Citizens National Educational Service Centers, the Moral Majority Foundation, the National Association of Visually Handicapped, National Black Child Development Institute, National Home Caring Council, Recording for the Blind and the 52 Association.

There are 150 charities included in the overall federal employes' charity drive.

This year's selection process has been slowed by a debate over whether Planned Parenthood, a participant in the charity drive for 14 years, should be excluded in 1983.

The National Right to Life Committee, an antiabortion group, tentatively has succeeded in knocking Planned Parenthood off the list. It maintains Planned Parenthood, which counsels pregnant women on the availablity of abortions, does not meet technical financial requirements for inclusion in the program.

A hearing is scheduled next week with the Office of Personnel Management, which oversees the CFC, to determine whether Planned Parenthood meets the requirements.