Irwin L. Goldstein, chairman of the psychology department at the University of Maryland, has been named acting dean of Graduate Studies and Research at the College Park campus, replacing Rose-Marie Oster, who was fired by the Board of Regents last month.

William E. Kirwan, academic affairs vice chancellor, said he appointed Goldstein "because he will be a strong voice for the needs of graduate education and research." Earlier this year Goldstein chaired a special committee that looked into complaints by a female student that basketball coach Lefty Dreisell had pressured her to drop accusations of sexual harassment against one of the team's star players.

Oster, who was appointed dean three years ago, will remain at College Park as a professor in the Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures Department, said Kirwan, who refused to discuss specifics of Oster's firing, calling it a personnel matter.

Oster said yesterday she received a certified letter stating that the Board of Regents had approved her removal, but no documentation justifying the action. "I was given no specific reasons and no chance to talk about it," she said.

However, Oster said she was given "general reasons" for her dismissal in discussions with Kirwan and cited her "management style" as one example. Oster said she preferred not to speculate on the reason for her dismissal until deciding whether to challenge the firing, but noted she has been a strong advocate of increasing the graduate studies and research dean's authority.

The Graduate Council, a university advisory board, made a general recommendation June 20 that Chancellor John B. Slaughter make "fundamental administrative changes" to centralize authority for graduate programs.

In a letter informing members of the graduate schools' advisory boards of her dismissal, Oster said, "Our accomplishments were possible in spite of my inability to convince the administration that the graduate school and its dean need a much larger share in long-term planning and decision making."