A gold watch inscribed "To Squirt with Love" led to a prison term of 10 to 30 years yesterday for a District man who pleaded guilty to kidnaping a Xerox Corp. saleswoman last Feb. 23.

At noon on that day, Rosemary Knauer Lawlor was getting into her car after leaving a Xerox office in Arlington when a man pointed a revolver at her and told her to lie down in the back of her car, according to a description of the case given in U.S. District Court last July by Assistant U.S. Attorney Theodore A. Shmanda.

The man drove Lawlor into the District and told her to take off her clothes in the car, she later told the FBI.

When Lawlor refused, she said that the man placed the barrel of the revolver in her mouth, and then beat her with the gun. He took her $600 gold watch, stuffed her in the trunk of her car and drove off. She unlatched the trunk from the inside and escaped near South Capitol Street, she said.

Several weeks later, Metropolitan Police Detective Charles F. Dunn questioned a man in a police lineup who at first denied any knowledge of the kidnaping, but then disclosed that he knew the man who had abducted Lawlor. He said that the man told him about the crime when he sold him a woman's watch for $20.

Police looked at the watch, which was inscribed--as Lawlor had said her watch was--"To Squirt with Love." The man in the lineup identified the seller of the watch as Anthony M. Johnson, 23, of Southeast. Police said that his palm prints matched those taken by the FBI from the trunk of Lawlor's car. Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of kidnaping last July.

Joseph E. diGenova, principal assistant U.S. Attorney, yesterday hailed the sentence. "When you get 10 to 30 years in this court, that's something to be pleased about," he said.