A Bethesda gynecologist has been charged with assault after allegedly threatening to kill a woman driver who honked at him in traffic July 25, hours before a Montgomery County judge granted the doctor probation before judgment in a similar case.

The woman, Darleen Thompson, 27, alleged in a sworn statement filed in Montgomery District Court that Dr. Zakaria Mohamed Oweiss, 39, who practices obstetrics and gynecology in the District of Columbia, followed her into an underground parking garage at 5520 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, pounded on her car and tried repeatedly to open her car door, stating he would kill her.

Oweiss declined to discuss the case. Trial was set for Oct. 6.

Thompson alleged that the incident occurred about 9 a.m. on July 25--four hours before Judge Charles W. Woodward set aside an earlier finding that Oweiss was guilty of assaulting Heather Cox-Carr, who was pregnant and on her way to the hospital last Christmas.

The judge granted Oweiss probation before judgment in the Cox-Carr incident, which means the doctor will have no criminal record if he does not violate the terms of the probation.

According to court records, Oweiss testified at his April trial that he jabbed Cox-Carr in the abdomen but said it happened during an altercation with her husband. He testified he became upset because the husband, Michael Carr, was driving erratically on Cedar Lane near the Capital Beltway, and that a fight started after he pulled his car in front of the couple and blocked their car so he could copy their license plate number.

Passers-by testified at the trial that they saw Oweiss pull Carr to the ground and beat him, according to court records. Judge Woodward restricted their testimony after a court bailiff said the witnesses were discussing the case. He found Oweiss innocent of assaulting Carr and guilty of assaulting Cox-Carr.

In the July sentencing, Oweiss' attorney, Steven A. Hamilton, asked the judge to set aside the guilty finding, arguing that Oweiss had no previous convictions and was acting in self-defense when he struck Cox-Carr.

Woodward agreed with the attorney's request for probation before judgment, but imposed a $1,000 fine because of what he said was the seriousness of the incident.

In the second case, Thompson gave the following account in her sworn statement to the court: Shortly before 9 a.m. on July 25, she honked at Oweiss in traffic, and he followed her into the underground parking garage and blocked her car from behind. Oweiss got out of his car, banged his fists on her car, tried to open her door, "and he advised me to get out of my car and that he was going to kill me," Thompson alleged.

She said she escaped by driving through an empty parking space. She pulled up to the parking attendant and asked him to copy down Oweiss' license number, which he did. She alleged that Oweiss followed her to the exit, "got out of his car and struggled with the attendant, attempting to obtain the piece of paper with the license number on it."

Thompson subsequently filed her complaint against Oweiss.