A former District corrections officer was sentenced yesterday in Montgomery County Circuit Court to life in prison for the rape a year ago of a Rockville woman in her home. The woman testified that she had seen the man earlier that evening in a nightclub.

Tyrone Horton, 30, of 1314 Holbrooke St. NE, who was working as a taxi driver at the time of his arrest, was found guilty of rape in the first degree, assault with intent to maim and burglary.

Horton was found not guilty of attempted murder.

The life sentence, handed down by Judge Irma S. Raker, includes a consecutive 10-year sentence for the assault charge and a 10-year concurrent sentence for burglary. Horton would be eligible for review by the Parole Board after serving 17 1/2 years of the jail term but would need the consent of the Maryland governor for parole from the life sentence.

Horton's attorney, Robert Mance, said he plans to appeal the case. He said Horton denies any involvement in the incident.

The woman, a hotel chain employe, testified that she and her sister had gone to Windsor McKay's nightclub on Wisconsin Avenue NW on Sept. 29, 1982. Horton was later identified by the victim and the bartender as having been at the bar that evening.

The woman drove with her sister to their Rockville home and, according to her testimony, was awakened later by Horton, who had entered her room.

She testified that he pulled her by the hair, told her to "shut up" and threatened her with what she believed was a knife.

No weapon was introduced as evidence at the trial. Mance said there was no testimony as to how Horton got to the house or how he got inside.

According to the victim's testimony, Horton forced her to take him to the basement, where the household's silverware was kept. Meanwhile, the victim testified, her sister and brother were asleep upstairs. Horton allegedly asked her to take her blouse off and, when she refused, a struggle ensued.

According to the victim, she lost consciousness and when she revived, found that she was nude, severely beaten and had been raped.

A spokesman for the D.C. Department of Corrections said Horton was a corrections officer from October 1977 through February 1978.