Falls Church

The following were among the actions taken at the Sept. 6 meeting of the Falls Church School Board:

DAY CARE--Approved a report outlining educational and cost effectiveness of day-care programs to be submitted to the governor and the 1984 General Assembly. In 1981, the assembly authorized Falls Church and Arlington to provide extended day-care programs in schools. This authority expires in August 1984, and the board seeks to have the authority extended.

ENROLLMENT--The superintendent reported an opening day enrollment of 995 students in the city's elementary, middle and high schools, seven more than opening day last year.

HANDICAPPED STUDENTS--Approved the placement of 13 handicapped students in schools outside the city's school system, where they can receive more specialized training. The cost of the placement is paid by the city.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES--Discussed proposed goals and objectives for the current school year and set Sept. 20 as the date for adoption.

REVIEW OF MANUAL--Approved and discussed amendments to policies as part of an overall review of the School Board Policy and Regulation Manual to update and revise wording.

CENSUS--Received report on 1983 school census.

APPOINTMENTS--Appointed Stephen Spector as delegate and Priscilla Reimers as alternate delegate to the Virginia School Board Association.