Here's one more bit of evidence that Metro subway service has reduced congestion on midtown Washington's K Street corridor.

"After a study of the traffic flow on K Street NW between 16th and 21st streets NW," the D.C. Department of Transportation has announced, it plans to lift rush-hour restrictions around Oct. 10 on curbside parking in the service lanes on those five blocks.

In an official announcement, the department said parking can now be allowed "due to the one-way configuration of most intersecting streets and a change in Metrobus operations."

The "change" in Metrobus operations is simply fewer buses in the downtown area. Many of the buses that once ran along K Street are now serving as feeders to outlying subway stations.

"We recommend removal of these rush-hour no parking restrictions in order to create additional parking for business patrons on this street," the announcement said. "Implementation of these changes should not impact on pedestrian safety or impede traffic movement."

One predictable result: The vans owned by sidewalk vendors, which typically are parked all day on illegally fed meters but are moved during rush hours, will stay there all day--with the police looking in the other direction.