A 60-year-old Glen Burnie woman is in critical condition after being shot by her 12-year-old granddaughter, according to Anne Arundel County police.

Police said the girl, depressed over her parents' divorce, reportedly planned to shoot herself and her grandmother so the two of them could be together in heaven.

The girl, who left a lengthy note expressing sadness over the divorce and detailing who should get her belongings after her death, apparently abandoned the idea of killing herself after shooting her grandmother, police said.

The victim was in critical but stable condition at University of Maryland Hospital's Shock-Trauma Center today with a severe bullet wound in her neck.

The girl, her only granddaughter, was not injured.

After the shooting, the girl walked into the kitchen holding a gun and told her grandfather she had "just shot Mom-Mom," police said.

"She really and truly loved her grandmother and wanted to make sure she would be with her when she was gone," said Sgt. William Tankersley. "Everybody said she loved her grandmother more than anybody."

The girl has been charged as a juvenile with assault with intent to murder. Juvenile Court Master Jack Dryden ordered her to undergo 30 days of psychiatric evaluation at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.

The shooting occurred in a neighborhood near Ferndale in northern Anne Arundel County where the girl, who lives most of the time with her mother in Baltimore, spends a lot of time. Her paternal grandparents' house is near the Catholic school she attends.

"She was such a clean-cut kid," said Tankersley, a detective investigating the shooting who knew the girl's father as a child. "It's really unbelievable--no alcohol, no drugs--just a really nice little girl."

According to police, the girl's father dropped her off at his parents' home around 9 p.m. Wednesday night. She went into her grandmother's bedroom and said she had something to show her. Police said she then allegedly shot her grandmother once in the neck and went out to her grandfather and told him what she had done. Her grandfather took the gun, a .38-caliber revolver, and went to his wife's aid, and the girl ran from the house, police said.

The girl walked up to a police car a block away about 10 minutes later, Tankersley said. "She was completely out of it. She didn't know her name."

The gun was identified as belonging to the girl's uncle. Police said the girl apparently got the gun earlier in the evening at a Baltimore bar while visiting there with her father, who is a is part-owner.