Four incumbents on the Greenbelt City Council were reelected to two-year terms yesterday, and a University of Maryland graduate student who also works for the school was chosen to fill the council's fifth seat.

Gil Weidenfeld, the incumbent mayor, was the top vote-getter among the field of eight candidates, with 1,462 votes, according to Greenbelt City Clerk Gudrun Mills. Weidenfeld is expected to be chosen for his fourth term as mayor when the new council holds its first meeting Monday.

All candidates run at-large in the nonpartisan contest, and the five receiving the most votes win the council seats. The body then selects the mayor, usually choosing the top vote-getter. The vote totals include complete returns from the city's four precincts and all absentee ballots, Mills said.

The new council member is Antoinette M. Bran, an admissions administrator at Maryland's University College, who is also a graduate student in urban history and criminology. She received 1,144 votes.

Others elected were former mayor Richard R. Pilski, a council member since 1965, who received 1,258 votes; Edward V.J. Putens, who won a second term with 1,195 votes; and Thomas X. White, a council member since 1973, who won 1,114 votes.

Robert C. Zugby, who was appointed to the council and was seeking his first elected term, fell short with 1,013 votes; Herbert R. Jones received 243 votes and Francis W. White, 618.