A D.C. Superior Court bailiff has been charged with oral sodomy after an 18-year-old woman being held on a traffic violation said she was forced to perform a sexual act in a stairwell of the courthouse, D.C. police said.

Wilbur C. Smith Jr., 24, of 5919 13th St. NW, a bailiff in Courtroom 15, was released on his personal recognizance by a D.C. Superior Court magistrate yesterday after his arrest at his home Tuesday on a warrant from Superior Court.

Smith, whose job included transporting defendants from holding cells to courtrooms, was placed on administrative leave yesterday, court officials said.

Smith could not be reached for comment.

Police declined to identify the woman, to say what she had been charged with or why she was in a holding cell.

According to police, the woman said that while she was being held in a holding cell next to Courtroom 15 on the morning of Sept. 13, a bailiff entered the cell and began to fondle her.

The bailiff then took her to a stairwell leading from that cell to a cell block downstairs and forced her to commit sodomy, according to a police affidavit on file in Superior Court.

The woman then appeared in a brief hearing on her case before Judge George Neilson, but did not say anything about the attack, police said.

After being led from the courtroom by her boyfriend, the woman told him about the attack, and he reentered the courtroom and alerted court officials, police said.