Arlington County

The following were among the actions of the Arlington County School Board at its Sept. 15 meeting:

PUBLIC SPEAKERS--James LaForest spoke against the board's action banning Dungeons and Dragons as a club activity in Arlington County schools. Majorie McCreery, director of the Arlington Education Association, spoke on the recommended budget for the 1984-85 fiscal year and suggested the 4.5 percent increase from the 1983-84 budget would not be adequate to fund the proposed projects and goals for the year.

APPOINTMENTS--Named chairmen to the following committees: Jed Babbin, Mathematics Advisory Committee; Nancy A. Bower, School Lunch Advisory Committee, Karen Rogers, School Volunteers Advisory Committee; and Penelope Crisp, Science Advisory Committee.

Appointed Howard Ross to the Telecommunications Advisory Committee; Meg Tuccillo and Joanne Skinner to the Health and Physical Education Advisory Committee; Nancy Roche, Catherine Whitledge, Kopp Michelotti, Kathleen Trygstad, Donna Feirtag and Joan Williams to the Advisory Council on Instruction.

Appointed Ron Boss, Valoris G. Chambers, Robert Dolibois, Frank Erwin, Susan Fretts, Dave McCarthy, Joan McDermott, John Tuccillo, Betty Ann Armstrong, Betty Belt, John Crowder, Nancy Herbert, Tom Newman, Florence Rosse, Boyd Webb and Bill Young to the Six-Year Planning Committee.

Appointed Gail Nuckols as voting delegate to the Virginia Association of School Administrators/Virgina School Board Association convention that will be held from Oct. 5 to 7.

APPROVED the following administrative items:

A total of $3,790 in scholarship grants for teachers.

The amendment to the Arlington Hospital/Arlington School Board contract allowing the hospital to dismiss nursing interns on the basis of poor performance.

Proposed changes in School Board meeting procedures.

Request to continue nonstandard grading system at Taylor Elementary School, consisting of memos to parents, which has been unanimously approved by the Taylor Elementary PTA.

The extended day report, which demonstrates features and advantages of the extended day program. The report will be submitted to the Department of Education in Richmond along with a request to continue the program.

Staffing adjustments for the 1983-84 school year in light of enrollment figures, including the addition of one kindergarten instructor, four elementary school instructors, one secondary school instructor and 1.19 ESOL/HILT staff slots. Fairfax County

The following were among the actions taken at the Fairfax County School Board at its Sept. 15 meeting:

ENROLLMENT--Received a report that enrollment as of Sept. 6 was 121,576 regular and special students, or 630 more than had been projected and 115 less than last year's opening day figure. A complete enrollment report will be made Sept. 30. In past years, enrollment has increased in the month of September.

JOBS--Authorized 50 new staff positions and 25 contingency positions to meet current and anticipated needs. The new positions will cost $1 million, to be allocated in the school system's mid-year budget review.

VANDALISM--Reported that, for the year ending June 30, vandalism and theft in county schools was down 17 percent from the previous year. Total loss was $361,000, the lowest in six years. Langley, McLean and Mount Vernon high schools were singled out for high equipment losses.

SCHOLARS--Reported that 137 county high school seniors have been named National Merit semifinalists in the 1984 program. This amounts to 42 percent of the Virginia semifinalists, although the county has only 15 percent of the state's students.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE--Received copies of a draft letter to community leaders and organizations from the chairman and the superintendent asking for support in efforts to eliminate drug abuse in the school system.

RESOLUTIONS--Named Nancy L. Gibbs, music teacher at Wolftrap Elementary School, as teacher of the year for the school system. The board also named the Marshall High School computer lab the Ralph W. Frieden Computer Laboratory in honor of the man who was a math teacher at Marshall from 1969 until his death last spring.